​​​What is Ou​r R&D All About?

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Our R&D is focused on four main areas of innovation:


Our team is working on developing a process that can effectively separate the components of solar panels and recover the materials for reuse. This approach involves using processes such as shredding, melting, and chemical treatment to break down the solar panels and extract the valuable materials.


Rather than breaking down the panels, our team is exploring ways to repurpose them into new products and applications. We believe that solar panels can be reused in a variety of innovative ways, such as creating street lights or traffic signs, and we are committed to finding new ways to put this technology to work


Our team is developing processes to recover and reuse the materials used in solar panels, such as silicon and glass. We are exploring techniques such as chemical leaching and mechanical separation to extrac t these materials and prepare them for reuse in new applications.


We are also investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of buyback programs that allow customers to sell their used solar panels to companies and organizations that can recycle or repurpose them. Our team is working to develop a pilot program that can test the effectiveness of this approach in a laboratory or simulated environment.